32nd Art in Gadsden

32nd Art in Gadsden Regional Exhibition of Fine Art

June 26–August 22, 2020

Call to Artists!
Artists living within 200 miles of Quincy, Florida, or former Gadsden County residents, are invited to apply to participate in the 32nd Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art. This exhibition draws visitors and patrons from across the region each year, showcasing art by the area’s top artists. New and returning, established and emerging artists are welcome to apply.

Applications are available now! Register online at https://aig.gadsdenarts.org. To enter, artists 18 years or older must submit images of at least two, but no more than three, original works of art created after January 1, 2018, and not previously exhibited at the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. Video art and jewelry are not accepted. A fully completed Art in Gadsden exhibition application must be submitted online by 5pm on April 24, 2020.

Questions? Call or email Curator Angie Barry, 850-627-5021.

31st Art in Gadsden

June 15–August 24, 2019
Sara May Love and Zoe Golloway Galleries

This annual tradition of Gadsden Arts showcases recent art by the area’s top artists and artists new to the region. The 31st Art in Gadsden presents 101 works by 82 artists. This exhibition was selected by committee from submissions by a record 113 artists. Anne E. Gilroy, Curator of Exhibitions at the Historic Thomas Center Galleries in Gainesville, Florida, selected the award-winning works of art. Exhibited works span the mediums of watercolor, egg tempera, acrylic, oil, photography, clay, encaustic, wood, metal, glass, papier maché, and serigraph.
The founders of the Art in Gadsden exhibition, Beth Appleton and David Harbaugh, wanted to bring fine art to Gadsden County, foster the careers of local artists, and draw the community together through this special event. Beginning in 1989, Art in Gadsden was displayed in empty downtown storefronts in Quincy, all put together and organized by a dedicated and all volunteer community. This exhibition draws visitors and patrons from across the region each year, and is an exciting opportunity for regional artists to share their work and for Gadsden Arts to celebrate the creativity within our community.

Artists: if you would like to be added to the mailing list for future exhibitions, please contact Curator Angie Barry, 850.627.5021.

Blue Crown by Harris WiltsherBest in Show Award

Sponsored by Doug Croley Insurance Services
Harris Wiltsher, Blue Crown, 2019, serigraph, 22 x 30 inches



1st Place AwardCartographic Collage IV by Valerie Goodwin

Sponsored by Capital City Bank
Valerie Goodwin, Cartographic Collage IV, 2017, fiber art, 36 x 48 inches



The Forgotten Four by William Barton2nd Place Award

Sponsored by Ameriprise Financial, Alexander Hinson, Jr.
William Barton, The Forgotten Four: The Re-Integration of Pro Football, 2018, oil, 60 x 40 inches

3Trace by Edmund Augustyniakrd Place Award Sponsor

Sponsored by Damfino's Cafe, Market & Bakery
Edmund Augustyniak, Trace, 2018, wood, 26 x 29 x 4 inches

Honorable Mentions:

Scott Geraci, As Above, So Below, 2019, pen & ink on poplar, 11 x 24 inches
Joe Johnson, Damsel Delirium, 2019, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches
Walt Wager, Cherry Burl Flower Bowl, 2018, Cherry wood, 8 x 4 x 8 inches
April Williams, 44th Compassion, 2018, paper mache, 9 x 12 x 8 inches

Artists accepted into the 31st Art in Gadsden exhibition:

Shirley Aaron, William Milton Adkins III, Cal Allen, Susan Allen, Leslie Anderson, Penny G Anderson, Edmund Augustyniak, Alina Bachmann, William Barton, Matthew Brady, Debra Brienen, Randy Brienen, Marina Brown, Barbara Buckingham, Jeff Byers, Sally Chambliss, Terrie Corbett, Joseph Cowdrey, Barbara Craig, Fran Dellaporta, Mignon Deshaies, Wendy Devarieux, Anne Draper, Judith Ehrhardt, Joyce Estes, Kenneth Falana, Carole Fiore, Brenda Francis, Debbie Gaedtke, Gigi Gaulin, Elizabeth George, Mark Georgiades, Scott Geraci, Dean Gioia, Gregg Gleason, Valerie Goodwin, Robin Gray, Alexa Harkness, Terry Hawkins, Alexander Hinson Jr., Marty Holland, Nancy Holland, Jaye Houle, Joe Johnson, Nancy Jones, Ann Kawamoto, Michael Kennedy, Michele Tabor Kimbrough, Mary Sterner Lawson, Mary Jane Lord, David Maki, Joan Matey, D. Arthur McBride, Janice Ecinja McCaskill, Richard McDowell, William McKeown, Dawn McMillan, Yoshiko Murdick, Jimmy Nicholson, Sarah Painter, Kate Piretti, donalee pond-Koenig, Gale Poteat, Kent Putnam, Jill Quadagno, Roger Raepple, Lugenia Reynoso, Monica Rios, Christopher Rivera, Joe Roache, Eric Sapronetti, Robert DeWitt Smith, Siroos Tamaddoni, Mikiko Tanaka, Don Taylor, Joel Thornton, Russ Traver, Walter Wager, David Wetzel, Sherry Whitney, April Williams, and Harris Wiltsher.

Exhibition Presented by

Thomas Howell Ferguson PA

Lines, Hinson, and Lines

Black Fig

Best in Show Award Sponsor

Doug Croley Insurance Services

1st Place Award Sponsor

Capital City Bank

2nd Place Award Sponsor

Ameriprise Financial, Alexander L. Hinson

3rd Place Award Sponsor

Damfino's Market, Bakery and Cafe


About the Juror

Anne E. Gilroy is the curator of exhibitions at The Galleries at the Historic Thomas Center in Gainesville Florida. She has been a life-long student of art and art history, has taught workshops, juried exhibitions, and authored the 2017 catalogue, Mr. Eddy Lives – The Art & Life of Eddy Mumma, in conjunction with producing Inside/Outside, the first solo exhibit of Mumma’s work. Gilroy still works in the studio as a painter.

Anne Gilroy

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Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.



Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, 
Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs,
and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture



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