Zoe Golloway Gallery

Mary VanLandingham: Within These Walls

October 6, 2023 – December 16, 2023

Within These Walls is a series of paintings of interiors by Mary VanLandingham. Meant to inspire peace and wonder, these pieces represent unforgettable moments in the artist’s life. She often finds her muse on road trips, where she is inspired with picturesque places and scenes. VanLandingham will take upwards of 700 photographs on these trips as source material for her oil paintings. She explains, “There’s an emotional connection and excitement because you can recall how you felt when you took that picture, and that’s what drives me to paint it.”

Experienced at creating landscapes and seascapes, these interiors capture a less exhibited side of VanLandingham’s work, displaying her talent with light, patterns, and textures. Born and raised in South Georgia, Mary VanLandingham works as a part-time artist and part-time librarian in Nashville, Georgia.

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