Munroe Family Community Gallery

The Munroe Family Community Gallery is an exhibition space on the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum's 2nd floor dedicated to exhibiting art by local artists in all media and levels. Artists and artist groups can sign up for 3 month exhibition slots. The space is designed to be a learning opportunity for artists, with the opportunity to work directly with Gadsden Arts staff to learn about preparing artwork for exhibition, installing, lighting, and labeling. 

Current Exhibition

Dawn McMillan: Captured Moments

September 11 - December 11, 2021

Dawn McMillan moves away from past figurative and narrative paintings and drawings to explore in this new work landscapes centered on fleeting moments of light and circumstance. Whether it’s the sunset after a storm that bathes everything in a golden glow, or the stillness of deep, dark reflections on a pond at twilight, all scenes are meant to evoke a feeling of peace, serenity and awe. This series of paintings and drawings began at the start of the pandemic and continued throughout a year of isolation and a time of focus on nature and the briefness of a perfectly lit scene. Shadows cast on a clapboard house; bare tree silhouettes against a pale, pastel winter sky; brilliant reds and oranges of a crisp autumn day; the light at the end of a rhododendron tunnel; all are translations of exploration of nature by the artist and meant to be evocative, timeless and everlasting. Image: Dawn McMillan, Relic, pastel, 12 x 9 inches.

Art Talk Live! with Dawn McMillan

Thursday September 16, 1:00pm on Zoom
Quincy artist Dawn McMillan and Angie Barry, Curator for  discussed the exhibition Captured Moments, on display in the Munroe Family Community Gallery. Topics included her McMillan’s childhood art influences, the different series she has created over several decades, and her progression as an artist to where her work is today. View a recording of this talk below.

Upcoming Exhibitions

In Real Time

January 14 – March 5, 2022 

In today’s fast-moving world, In Real Time invites viewers to pause to appreciate the practice of drawing a human figure from life. In Real Time is an exhibition of art works produced by the Beverly Hills Figure Group of Tallahassee, a group of local artists who meet regularly at the studio on the hills of Beverly Court to practice their craft and share their life drawing skills. The artists included in the exhibition are Natalia Andreeva, Lorraine Clark, Jennifer Clinard, John Felton, Debbie Gaedtke, Barbara Harrison, Nancy Holland, Ann Kozeliski, Gwen Mottice, Charles Pierce, Barbara Psimas, Dorothy Shearn, Beverly Pace Sipos, Mary O. Smith, Nell Stager, Sherry Whitney, and Kristen Yann. Image: Barbara Harrison, Balance, oil, 24 x 20 inches.

Terrie Corbett: Beyond the Familiar

March 12 - June 4, 2022

Terrie Corbett has a passion for a unique medium called encaustic - paint produced by combining pigment with hot wax. This ages-old technique is little known today because it is difficult to control, but lends itself to luminous color that create vibrant masterpieces like those included in the exhibition, Beyond the Familiar, on display in the Munroe Family Community Gallery. 

Corbett refers to her approach to painting with encaustic as “improvisational, expressive, and intuitive. . . a visual jazz if you will. I feel that my paintings range from exuberant enthusiasm to quiet reflection.” Her compositions are sometimes filled with fluid, tranquil, organic forms, and sometimes create dynamic energy using geometric shapes. Her art offers viewers the opportunity to explore up-close the symphony of colors and unique textures produced by Corbett’s skillful knowledge of working with paint produced with cold and hot wax.

Corbett has received countless awards and solo exhibition opportunities for her work, including the first-place prize for the 32nd Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art in 2020. Image: Terrie Corbett, This Moment, 2020, oil and cold wax, 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

Ray Alban: Majestic Landscapes

June 11 - August 27, 2022

Ray Alban brings alive the regional landscapes of his many travels to Europe and throughout the United States in his Impressionistic paintings. His artworks celebrate the simple charm of country houses and palm tree-lined waterways, as well as architectural wonders and majestic seascapes. Alban's painterly approach using flickering lines of layered colors produces varied textures and hues in every work. The contrasting cool and warm tones entice the viewer to study the subject matter of each work, revealing the artist's mastery of color harmonies. The painter's education in fine arts studies and successful career in advertising are apparent in his dynamic diagonal compositions. Image: Ray Alban, Gaudi House, Barcelona, Spain, watercolor.