Munroe Family Community Gallery

The Munroe Family Community Gallery is an exhibition space on the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum's 2nd floor dedicated to exhibiting art by local artists in all media and levels. Artists and artist groups can sign up for 3 month exhibition slots. The space is designed to be a learning opportunity for artists, with the opportunity to work directly with Gadsden Arts staff to learn about preparing artwork for exhibition, installing, lighting, and labeling. 

Current Exhibition

Rick Seguso Paintings

On display now through July 3, 2020

Rick Seguso is a poet, actor, musician, and painter from New York, who has resided primarily in Palm Beach County, Florida, for the last 30 years. He is inspired by the Old Masters and the Post-Impressionists and creates work to emotionally move the viewer and himself. Seguso prides himself in underpainting and glazing his work. This exhibition features his quiet, evocative landscapes featuring majestic trees and awe-inspiring nature scenes.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Doell West: Fanciful Spaces

July 11 - August 29, 2020

Doell West is an installation artist focusing her attention on second hand furniture. Her pieces are colorful and eclectic, giving them a new life. West prefers to work on reclaimed and neglected pieces, leading the viewer to rethink the value of discarded objects and instead see their potential beauty and utility.

New Histories: Gadsden Farming Project

September 5 - October 24, 2020

New Histories: The Gadsden Farm Project is an installation part of a larger project collaborating with Quincy farmers, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and the State of Florida to bring awareness about rural farming communities in Gadsden county. Artists Michael Diaz and Holly Hanessian worked with the State of Florida Folklorist and Photographer to interview and document the agricultural histories of 12 people from Gadsden County. The project demonstrates the combined power of community and contemporary practice. The installation will feature interviews and photographs of the farmers along with a table with commemorative plates made by Hanessian to be gifted to the Quincy farmers. 

Randy Brienen: Atmospheres

October 31 - December 19, 2020

Atmospheres is an exhibition of paintings by Randy Brienen from his latest series focusing on the sky and cloud formations. Brienen is a mainly self-taught painter who takes inspiration for his acrylic and oil paintings from the idyllic landscapes surrounding his home in North Florida. 

Creativity in an Uncreative Place

Fall 2021

The drive to create can be undeniable, even in a place as bleak, depressing, and dangerous as a prison. Creativity in an Uncreative Place showcases artwork made by inmates in Florida prisons, drawing from the collection of David Gussak, Ph.D., ATF-BC, Professor for Florida State University Graduate Art Therapy program. The bulk of the collection is comprised of the unique paintings by “Candy Man,” an inmate who paints with brushes made from locks of his own hair, and creates his own pigments from the colored dye of M&M candies. Other artists in the exhibition used shoe polish, trash bags, cardboard, and other found objects to make their contraband works of art. Gussak’s stresses that “as long as there has been incarceration, there has been art. Prisons are filled with creative energy needing an outlet.”

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.