Munroe Family Community Gallery

The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum has a gallery space on its 2nd floor dedicated to exhibiting art by local artists in all media and levels. Artists and artist groups can sign up for 2 month exhibition slots. The space is designed to be a learning opportunity for artists, with the opportunity to work directly with Gadsden Arts staff to learn about preparing artwork for exhibition, installing, lighting, and labeling. Download the application here for more information. 

Questions? Contact Curator Angie Barry at (850) 627-5021.

Leslie Wallace-Coon

Leslie Wallace-Coon

January 12–February 23, 2019

Leslie Wallace-Coon takes inspiration from everyday life, of the visible world of people, animals, and her surroundings. Her sculptures and bas-reliefs tell stories of the humorous contractions and extremes of relationships she witnesses between people and their pets. Domestic animals are an inspiration because of the humorous, physical, and “superimposed” human characteristics she sees in them. Her goal as an artist is to create work that compels the viewer to look, laugh, and become caught up the details. Wallace-Coon has work in public and private collections in the region and owns the Bowery Art Gallery in Apalachicola.

Marina Brown

May 4–June 22, 2019

Marina Brown creates dynamic watercolor and pastel works that focus on African American life and culture. Within both her portraiture and more narrative pieces, vibrancy, color, and movement are elements that she parallels to the African American experience and African diaspora. These qualities transcend into her subjects and their environments. Her paintings of dancing figures, Honky Tonks, praise services, and farm and home life produce the same rhythm and harmony that she reflects was present in her experience as a dancer in her early life.

Alfie, from the Portrait Series by Lisa Qualls

Lisa Qualls

August 24–October 29, 2019

Lisa Qualls creates stunning full portrait likenesses of local and regional residents executed mostly in graphite on clayboard. Listening to family stories and documenting them has inspired Qualls to research identity and culture on a much more intimate level. Whether her focus is on people and history in the southern United States or the migration of Africans to Europe, the reoccurring theme in her oeuvre is the evolution of culture and society. She is interested in how visual markers can move from an originating group to another, retain the power of the visceral response, and yet transform in meaning and interpretation.

The Catch by Virginia Coultas

Virginia Coultas Retrospective

March 2–April 27, 2019

Virginia Coultas’ drawings, paintings, and sculptures reflect her life as a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and teacher. Following her husband Lynn through his work, Ginny has lived in Ghana, Haiti, Guatemala, and Zambia. Reflections of these experiences are present in her paintings, although, her true artistic passion is creating portraits in a variety of media. Celebrating her 90th birthday, this retrospective chronicles her artistic and personal journey dating from the 1950s to present and exemplifies her ability to explore a variety of media including charcoal, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and clay.

Photograph by Jimmy Nicholson

Jimmy Nicholson

June 29–August 17, 2019

This series of black and white silver gelatin photographs by Jimmy Nicholson document the local residents and visitors who come under the Tapper Bridge in Highland View, Florida. Nicholson’s love affair with photography originally began with a visit to the Northwood Mall in 1972 where he stumbled upon the portrait studio of Richard Parks. Taking the inspiration of Parks’ dramatic, razor sharp, black and white photographs led him to adapt a style of his own. Years later, on a visit to the Gorge G. Tapper Bridge, Nicholson was captivated by the number of people engaging in socialization and fishing and felt compelled to document their activities and interactions. Since then, Nicholson has produced dynamic photographs of these unique individuals, opening up a window into their well-rounded personalities.

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Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.



Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, 
Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs,
and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture



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