compelled to create

Eddy Mumma

Compelled to Create

Paintings by Mr. Eddy Mumma

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Open through July 11, 2020

Sara May Love Gallery

Compelled to Create presents spirit-infused work by “Mr. Eddy” Mumma, an individual who was driven to create hundreds of works of unique and powerful art. “Mr. Eddy,” a lonely shut-in due to complications from diabetes, painted hundreds of portraits and then refused to sell them, as were his “companions.” A master of color and composition, Mumma’s highly stylized paintings vibrate with emotion.

This exhibition is curated from the GACM Permanent Collection and private collections, made possible by gifts to the collection by Calynne and Lou Hill and Josh Feldstein. Learn more about the Gadsden Arts Permanent Collection here

Image: Eddy Mumma, untitled, 1969-1986, acrylic on Masonite, 10 3/8 x 15 3/8 inches, Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Permanent Collection, 2018.4.8

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Creativity in an Uncreative Place

Thursday, June 4, 1pm

Dave Gussak, Professor for Florida StateUniversity's Graduate Art Therapy Program and Project Coordinator of the FSU/FL-DOC Art Therapy in Prisons Program, will explore the concept of Art as Therapy in a presentation entitled “Creativity in Uncreative Places” through Eddy Mumma’s work, and an exhibition of the work of several prison inmates, including “The Candy Man". The Candy Man was incarcerated alongside one of Florida’s Highwaymen Painters, and through this relationship inspired to paint. He produced exquisite Florida landscapes using the materials he had at hand: pigments made from M&M candy shells, brushes made from his own hair, file folders as his painting ground, and floor wax to “varnish” his pieces. Other artists featured in the exhibition used shoe polish, trash bags, cardboard, and other found objects to make their contraband works of art. Dave Gussak will explore the therapeutic benefits of art making for artists like Mumma and The Candy Man, and the human drive to create that can flourish in unlikely circumstances and elevate the reality of the creator despite limitation imposed by the environment.

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Art Talks Live!

Gadsden Arts members are invited to join us for a presentation and discussion on the newest exhibit at Gadsden Arts, Eddy Mumma: Compelled to Create. 

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Join fellow art lovers in this online forum to learn about the life of Eddy Mumma, a lonely shut-in living in Gainesville, Florida, who painted over 1,000 works and refused to sell a single one. The story shares how this reclusive master colorist and his work were discovered, and later, how 800 of his artworks were rescued from the dumpster, to later arrive in major U.S. museums. Anissa Ford, Education Director will give this presentation via ZOOM, followed by opportunities for discussion.

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Traveling Exhibition

Compelled to Create is an exhibition available to travel to other museums. For more information contact Curator Angie Barry, 850.627.5021.

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.