January 15 - April 3, 2021

Clyde Butcher, Oxbow Bend 63, 2006, Silver Gelatin Print AP1/3, 52 x 100 inches

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Clyde Butcher Finds Beauty in America

January 15 - April 3, 2021

Clyde Butcher is an acclaimed photographer who has made it his mission to photograph and document wild and natural places across America for the last 50 years. He grew up in California and later relocated to Florida, finding peach and his life's mission within the Everglades. In this photographic exhibit, America the Beautiful, whose content stretches from the Redwood forests of California to the Everglades swamps of Florida, Butcher has captured the essence of our natural spaces and treasured landscapes. His images document the changing environment, capturing what is there today and encouraging us to enjoy the beauty of wilderness. He raises awareness of our remote places and the species who live there, allowing us a serene adventure through his lens. Clyde's images in this exhibition present the diverse places of wilderness and respite found throughout all of America and allow us to appreciate the beauty across our land. 

America the Beautiful opens to the public on January 15, 2021, and will be on display in all three first floor galleries of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum.

The Artistic Process

Each dramatic landscape is the outcome of patience, perseverance, and determination. Butcher waits hours, sometimes years, until the light, clouds, and composition comes together. Carrying large-format camera gear weighing up to 120 pounds, he crosses difficult terrain, stands in chest-deep water for hours, and is aware of wildlife that make these territories home. Butcher is deeply committed to recording the beauty of our  natural landscapes. 

Additional Programming

Sacred Waters

Exploring the Protection of Florida’s Fluid Landscapes
Wednesday February 10, 5:30pm

Zoom Presentation with Victoria Machado, Scholar
Sacred Waters explores efforts to restore Florida’s waterways. We will investigate the motivations of environmentalists who love and advocate for these water bodies. By focusing on issues related to springs and the Everglades, we will dive into the conversations that arise when Floridians view water as essential to their quality of life. 

Florida Water Stories

Thursday February 25, 5:30pm

Zoom Presentation with Steven Noll, P.h.D.

Florida has had a long and difficult relationship with water, from early attempts to turn water into land to present day concerns about water quality and sea level rise. University of Florida History professor Dr. Steven Noll will discuss the history of water in Florida and look at how that history shapes the future.

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