The Faces of Gadsden Arts

Ashton Langrick

Ashton Langrick
How are you involved with the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum? 

I began working with Gadsden Arts as a volunteer throughout the spring 2017 semester; helping with de-installation of exhibitions, opening receptions, data collection, and execution of the 2017 annual Evening with the Arts Gala.
After volunteering, I began interning with Gadsden Arts as an exhibitions and collections intern. I help with a variety of collections aspects including gallery set-up, exhibitions design, installation, composition of press releases and website materials, and collections research. When not working on exhibitions or collections work, I update organizational documents, greet and assist visitors, and tend to any other tasks that are necessary for museum upkeep.

Why do you invest your time and resources in the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum?

I invest my time and resources in the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum because I love the people here; the staff, the volunteers, the visitors, and the patrons alike. Everyone who is involved with the museum is passionate about sharing their love of the arts with others and about creating an inviting space for everyone to come and enjoy. I feel really at home here and am surrounded by genuine, friendly, and quality people. I invest my time and resources because they truly deserve my support.


What is the #1 reason you feel the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum has value for the people in our community?


I feel that the main reason Gadsden Arts Center & Museum holds a place of value in the hearts of people within our community is because of the sense of shared ownership that involvement with the museum brings. Anyone can get involved with the museum in a number of ways.  The inclusive and eclectic environment fosters a sense of belonging, responsibility, community, and family between its patrons, visitors, volunteers, and staff. The museum offers accessibility to fine art that may community members would not have had access to otherwise; by means of exhibitions as well as classes and events. The museum engages the community and invites people to participate, rather than just treating visitors as sole observers.


Describe one specific instance or experience in which the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum touched your life.


The museum improves the quality of my life every day that I am here. Interning here grants me the opportunity to learn new skills and gain practical experience in my desired career field. I have learned useful installation methods, techniques, and tools, which I had not known prior to working here. Through being exposed to board meetings and working with organizational documents, I have learned of the importance of documentation, pre-planning, and administrative work; all of the “behind-the-scenes” work that has to be invested before you can even think of hanging art on the wall. I enjoy the atmosphere and sense of community that everyone here at the museum, and who visit, emulate. This is such a positive and inclusive space; I learn so much just being here. One of the best things that the museum has provided me is the opportunity to learn from the little nuances of the everyday comings-and-goings; these are things that text from a book cannot teach. 


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