The Faces of Gadsden Arts

Terry Hawkins

Terry Hawkins
How are you involved with the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum? 

I am involved first and foremost as a Patron. My additional involvement is as an Artist and Art Student. I serve the organization as a Guild Member, Board of Directors Member and Volunteer. I also served on the 2017 Gala Committee.


Why do you invest your time and resources in the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum?


As an artist, I enjoy sharing time and conversation with other artists and art lovers. As 'Nana' I particularly enjoy sharing the Gadsden Art experience with my grandchildren. As a member of this community I feel that Gadsden Art has had a tremendous positive influence on Gadsden County and our citizens. I look forward to seeing Gadsden Art grow and develop in the future.


What is the #1 reason you feel the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum has value for the people in our community?


Gadsden Arts provides education in the arts for the children of this community and I feel our children are our future in whatever endeavors they grow to pursue. Art is a great way to help children grow and develop. You can see pride in the art they create, whether in the after school programs or summer camp.


Describe one specific instance or experience in which the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum touched your life.


Finding one specific instance is difficult because there are many. The enjoyment my grandchildren experienced at summer camp certainly brought me joy. I also enjoy the opening shows with people from all walks of life coming to the Center to enjoy an evening of viewing and discussing the exhibition on display. Gadsden Arts Center and Museum can certainly be proud that we are a center of community interaction and a bright spot for the many that visit.


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Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, 
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