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Fun in the ArtZone!

Fun in the ArtZone!
Life in the ArtZone by Alexis Assam

Every Saturday morning as I restock materials at the art stations and turn on the music I look forward to seeing the children and families who visit regularly. I wonder how many new families I will meet and create art with that day. Alexis Assam and ArtZone VisitorEvery Saturday we have a young girl who arrives with her mother excited about creating art with me (If I am on my lunch break she will wait for me to come back before she makes anything). She is a child who is ‘slow to warm up’ to people; after 3 Saturdays she decided that we would be friends. She now greets me with a hello and a high-five and asks about new projects or grabs a book from the shelf for us to read together. When we have regular visitors like her I incorporate art-making with skills they are learning in school. One day she was creating a drawing of butterflies and I turned to her and asked if she knew how to spell the word. She said no and so we both held a crayon and I showed her how to break it up into two words ‘butter’ and ‘fly.’ In the end she knew how to spell three new words and created a beautiful drawing!

Family at the ArtZoneTheArtZone represents fun times, family moments, and creative expression! The ArtZone features six to seven art activities for children and families to engage with while visiting the Gadsden Arts Center and Museum. We rotate the activities monthly to coordinate with our Story Time program. The majority of the families who visit often stay for 2-3 hours and make art at every station. I often hear children saying to their parents, “I never want to leave,” “I love this place,” “Can we come back again?” I love hearing these reactions to the ArtZone and I really enjoy being able to spend my afternoons and Saturdays creating art with fun and creative children. 

We have several families who have become members since the ArtZone’s Grand Opening at the end of February as a direct result of the ArtZone. They have become regular visitors who we see almost every week.

Families enjoy the ArtZone


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  • 27 June 2018
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Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, 
Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs,
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