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Next Event: Thursday July 9, 1pm

Join fellow art lovers in this online forum to learn about the life of Eddy Mumma, a lonely shut-in living in Gainesville, Florida, who painted over 1,000 works and refused to sell a single one. The story shares how this reclusive master colorist and his work were discovered, and later, how 800 of his artworks were rescued from the dumpster, to later arrive in major U.S. museums. This presentation will take place via ZOOM, followed by opportunities for discussion.

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Art @ Home Activities

Marbleized Paper

Another fun Art @ Home with Gadsden Arts! This time we're making marbleized paper. You'll need: a tray, shaving cream, food coloring, a fork, a ruler (plastic works best), and paper. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions. #MuseumFromHome

Big Bend Quilt Trail

Get inspired by the #BigBendQuiltTrail to make your own geometric quilt block designs. You can use magazines, construction paper, or newspapers as your paper and design a quilt block onto our template! If you need inspiration, you can take a look at some of the designs made by our community partners on

Stop Motion Animation

Create your own stop motion animation video! This instructional video comes with lots of great tips for making your own stop motion animation. Special thank you to Carter Nelson for creating this whole video for us. 

Carter uses iMotion to create his stop motion video, and provides helpful tips and tricks plus two sample videos and behind the scenes of making them! 

Check out the video on YouTube.

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